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Playing around with Mixed Media

 I have been thinking differently lately. I can't explain other than I have just wanted to get a little abstract.    Above "Beguiling" 14X11    Above "Off the Grid" 9X12  When I do this this mixed media texture, layers, shiny, thing, I touch the pieces a lot when I am working on them. Sometimes I even close my eyes and just feel the textures. So I am kind of wondering, what if we created art with the thought in mind they will be touched? I know that there is some work out there that is intended to be touched, but why not more?

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Philadelphia Flower Show

I was pleased to attend this years flower show. I was honored to make a small contribution. I was selected to have a painting on display at the Hudson Valley Seed Library booth this year.          

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Website again..........

I already had a website. With the help of my Daughter who put it together. I was not at all serious enough to keep it up to date. I would like to show my work and also use the site to sell it. So here is my start, showing and telling. I have many things to learn. There are links to some of my work at the bottom of the page under quick links. I will be working on changing this and making it better. 

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